Jobs within ELI

Open positions at ELI-DC  

  1. Senior IT Sytems Engineer

    The selected candidate will support the transition of ELI from separate project entities to a single integrated international organisation by being responsible for the design of high and low-level IT infrastructure for a line of business systems and interconnect multiple locations respecting the IT Industry standards (service availability of the services, IT security standards).


  2. Accountant

    The selected candidate will be responsible for double-entry bookkeeping and daily accounting tasks according to the Czech accounting standards for non-profit organizations and the internal regulations of ELI.



Open positions at ELI Beamlines

  1. User Support Engineer

    The successful candidate will be responsible for communication and fulfilling specific user requirements for various experimental setups. The suitable candidate would have a university degree in technical field or natural sciences.


  2. Softwer Engineer

    His/her responsibilities will include developing and implementing solutions for management of scientific data and metadata, and collaborating on development of the data infrastructure. 


  3. Scientist - Ultra-high Intensity Interaction

    The candidate is supposed to work predominantly on developing research activities in high-intensity laser-matter interaction.


  4. Postdoctoral Fellow - Laser driven X-ray sources physics

    The candidate will significantly contribute to the design, construction, commissioning and experiments of the LUIS laser-driven wake-field accelerator.


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Open positions at ELI-ALPS

  1. Research Fellow THz Group

    We are seeking an enthusiastic and skilled researcher with expertise in one or more of the following fields: terahertz (THz) science and technology; high-harmonic generation and attosecond physics; materials science; or other related areas.


  2. Research Fellow Laser Sources Division

    We are looking for a researcher with expertise in high energy or high average power ultrafast laser physics, preferably experienced in solid-state, fiber and/or optical parametric amplifier development, ultrafast pulse characterization and/or post-compression techniques.


  3. Laser Operator Laser Sources Division

    We are looking for skilled physicists or engineers with practical expertise in laser physics, especially with hands-on experience of operation and maintenance of high energy ultrafast laser systems.


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Open positions at ELI-NP

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