29 Oct 2018

Director General of European Commission's DG "Research and Innovation" Jean-Eric Paquet at ELI Beamlines

Jean-Eric Paquet, the recently-appointed Director General of the Directorate for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, visited the Czech Republic on October 25th, 2018.

Following a presentation of Horizon 2020, the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, at the CZEDER 2018 Conference, he joined representatives of the ELI Beamlines and HiLASE research facilities, of the ELI Delivery Consortium, and high officials of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in Dolní Břežany for a working lunch and guided tour of the facilities.

This was the opportunity to discuss the progress accomplished by ELI Beamlines towards completion of the construction activities and exchange on the on-going efforts aiming at the establishment of the ELI ERIC and future joint operations of the ELI Facilities, which is due to start in 2019.

Director General Paquet noted the "impressive progress" of ELI Beamlines' construction. He also expressed the continued support of the European Commission to ELI, a successful example of how EU funding can be turned into "excellent research, new technologies & products making Europe a brighter & better place".