26 Nov 2020

ELI–ALPS Commissioning User Call 2020

The mission of ELI-ALPS Research Institute is to develop a unique international user facility at the cutting edge of attosecond science and technology. A vital element in achieving this goal is the active participation of external users during the commissioning phase. Your involvement would be mutually beneficial: you would get access to this 21st-century infrastructure ahead of others, and your valuable experience and specialized knowledge would contribute to the success of the ELI-ALPS facility.

You are invited to apply for commissioning user beamtime to help ELI fine-tune the newly installed and already operational research technology equipment. To learn more about the research technology and equipment available for this Call and how to submit your proposal, please consult the Users menu on ELI-ALPS's website.

Do not hesitate to contact the User Office should you have any questions regarding this call.