25 Nov 2018

ELI-NP at the autumn science festivals in Romania

The season of scientific festivals has started in Romania with the dynamic teams of Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH) and Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) taking part in these events, with live experiments, contests for the visitors and specially designed scientific devices. All these actions were led by enthusiastic researchers who left their laboratories in order to meet the public driven by their curiosity towards science.

What does the abbreviation ELI-NP mean? The most powerful laser in the world is located in...? What is the surname of Magurele town? These were some of the questions comprised in the quiz that ELI-NP's team addressed to the visitors to its stand, in order to animate the public and spread more information about the cutting-edge science project in Magurele, near Bucharest.

The first of such event, the 3rd edition of Sci-Fi-Fest (https://stiintasitehnica.com/scififest-2018/), took place in Bucharest on 15-16 September and reunited as exhibitors ELI-NP and several Romanian research institutes and universities.

The event was centered around interactive exhibitions, science shows and creative workshops for youngsters, scientific presentations, astronomical observations using professional telescopes, 3D printers demonstrations and other attractions.

During this event, Academician Nicolae-Victor Zamfir, the Project Director of ELI-NP, received the award for the most important scientific project in Romanian history.

Academician Nicolae-Victor Zamfir (on the right)

The ELI-NP stand, represented by a dozen of researchers, attracted many visitors. They were interested to take part in the virtual reality experiment presented at the stand. At the same time, they were keen to find out more about research applications at ELI-NP and also participate to an experimental set-up in which they could learn about the dispersion of light and benefit from some practical examples related to optical fibers.

The driving idea of the festival was to highlight the importance of science-fiction books and movies in the life of a child, which could later shape the path towards a scientific career.

“Heal yourself with science” was the slogan of the second big festival, European Researchers Night, which took place on the 28th of September, simultaneously in 350 European cities, with the support of the European Commission. More than ten research institutes from the Romanian capital and surroundings joined their forces in order to offer science lovers a unique and interactive experience.

The flock of interested visitors curious about the hands-on experiments at ELI-NP's stand could also attend an experiment involving the detection of ultrafast optical signals. The set-up was specially built for the public promotional events and the experiment consisted in the detection of ultrafast light pulses emitted by a LED connected to a Signal Generator. The public could see the rapid fluctuations in the light emitted by the LED, on a computer screen.