24 Aug 2016

ELI Summer School 2016

ELISS2016 has just started in Dolní Břežany. From 21.8. 2016 to 26.8. 2016 ELISS candidates explore the latest studies together with ELI’s leading scientist and our external guests. The interest raised high this year, we have 132 participants from all over the world.

ELISS2016 is organised by the three pillars of ELI and HiLASE laser center together and it is held in the new building of ELI Beamlines in the Czech Republic for the first time. The students were invited from a variety of fields in physical sciences and have an opportunity to spend one week in Prague and participate in 28 different seminars held by scientists from the ELI and HiLASE laser centers.

ELISS2016 was opened by the director of Institute of Physics Jan Řídký. He together with the scientific coordinators Dr. Georg Korn (ELI Beamlines), Dr. Dimiter Balabanski (ELI NP – Romania), Prof. Karoly Osvay (ELI ALPS – Hungary) and Tomáš Mocek (HiLASE) introduced students the main scientific missions of the facilities. This opened space for a series of specialized lectures focused on science and research, which are implemented in the various centers. The seminars will take place throughout the week and will be accompanied by other activities, such as visit of ELI Beamlines and HiLASE centers or poster session.

We share some pictures from the first days.


Opening of ELI-Beamlines with Georg Korn
(Chief Scientist, Scientific Coordinator for Research Programmes in ELI Beamlines)

Opening of ELI Nuclear Physics with Dr. Dimiter Balabanski
(Head of Research Activity 4 in ELI Nuclear Physics)

Opening of ELI Attosecond with Prof. Károly Osvay
(Research Technology Director of ELI Attosecond)

ELISS2016 group picture in front of ELI Beamlines building


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