24 Sep 2018

ELI was the guest of the Austrian Physical Society

During the 4-day-long meeting ELI was given the opportunity to hold a session of seven talks which enabled ELI to give an overall picture about the current standing of the project and the forthcoming research opportunities.

ELI considers it important to inform the scientific communities in Europe and overseas about the new opportunities that will be open in our infrastructure. In this respect we focus on strengthening our relations with the surrounding countries’ researcher communities who we consider as our potential partners.

Chief Scientific Advisor of ELI-ALPS Dimitris Charalambidis hold two presentations on behalf of ELI-DC as well as ELI-ALPS about the scientific opportunities and perspectives and those challenges that ELI-facilities face currently. The scientists of ELI Beamlines and ELI-NP Stefan Weber and Kazuo A. Tanaka also introduced the installation progress of their research infrastructures and outlined the possibilities of scientific cooperation. We are proud that the scientific personnel of ELI already has existing links with Austrian researchers who showed the latest results and achievements carried out together with ELI to the participants.

It was a great opportunity for us to present ourselves in the circle of the prestigious Austrian Physical Society and we look forward to future cooperation with the Austrian researcher community.