05 Feb 2018

First high harmonics at ELI-ALPS

ELI-ALPS reached a new milestone on 1st February: managed to produce the very first high harmonics (i.e. burst of attosecond pulses) in noble gases with the use of the recently installed HR1 laser. The experiment of the first commissioning users of ELI-ALPS, led by Hans Jakob Wörner from ETH Zürich, with the contribution of Arohi Jain, Thomas Gaumnitz and Andreas Schneider, ultimately aiming at generating harmonics in liquid jets, will be carried out during the next couple of weeks.

The project and the contact to Professor Wörner has been initiated by ELI-ALPS Scientific Advisor Giuseppe Sansone. The Project Internal Contact team of the Research Institute in Szeged is led by Sergei Kühn, with the contribution of Peter Jojart and Mathieu Dumergue as physicists, and Infrastructure Liaison Group Leader Imre Kiss.