23 Nov 2018

Growing interest from international community

Over the course of 2018, the ELI facilities have welcomed and guided thousands of visitors, varying from members of the public to politicians, visiting scientists and VIPs.

ELI welcomed highly-ranked officials such as ambassadors and presidents from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, India, Russia, the USA, Taiwan.

Also organizations and companies such as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Siemens, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions Representatives and even NATO were welcomed and shown around our premises.

To our great excitement, ELI is gaining the attention of researchers all around the world. Not only do they know how to find us during our highly successful yearly summer school, but this year we also welcomed the first teams of international researchers to conduct commissioning experiments at ELI.

Over the last year, ELI has seen a growing interest from the international community. We very much welcome this and hope to expand on it in the coming years, with the final aim to fulfill our ambition to become a truly joint, international state-of-the-art laser research facility for the benefit of the international scientific community.

The President of India visited ELI Beamlines on 9th September, 2018