17 Feb 2020

Happy 60th Birthday, Laser!

The first working laser was demonstrated by Theodore Harold Maiman on May 16, 1960, and now we are celebrating it as the International Day of Light. Although the concept didn’t come from him - nor was he awarded the Nobel Prize for it - he was the first to develop the laser using a synthetic ruby crystal and a pulsed high-power quartz flashlight bulb to create the population inversion in the crystal. This was an important milestone in the success story of laser and we are celebrating this special anniversary this year!

Everybody meets with lasers in everyday life, facilitating, simplifying and speeding up many work processes. It has absolutely changed the speed of communication between people on different continents, without a laser we could not imagine traveling, shopping, transport and research today. Laser is simply our indispensable partner in everyday life.

In honor of this anniversary, we are planning a special event for the International Day of Light, on 16th May!

If you wish to celebrate with us, download the event logo HERE. For further information, please visit ilovelaser.eu.