06 Dec 2021

New ELI ALPS User Call announced

The ambition of ELI ALPS is to become the first international user facility dedicated to Attosecond Science and Technology. The unique portfolio of ultrafast lasers, secondary radiation and particle beamlines and state-of-the-art endstations will serve the most cutting-edge technological needs of researchers from around the world. The ultimate goal of ELI ALPS is to provide users with some of the shortest and most intense electromagnetic fields achievable today, from the lower THz region through to hard X-rays.

The main purpose of the User Call is to get the scientific community to propose novel research projects and to participate in the „ramping up” of ELI ALPS’s cutting-edge technological capabilities as an international user facility. Along with dedicated beamtime, ELI ALPS will provide full technical and scientific support, from experiment preparation through to data management.

In order to support young researchers to join the mission of ELI, the Hungarian facilitiy also announces a travel grant for commissioning users to cover the accomodation costs during their experimental work at ELI ALPS.

To learn more about the research technology and equipment available for this Call, and how to submit your proposal and apply for travel grant, please visit the Users menu or contact our User Office.

The User Call is open until 31 October 2022.

Source: ELI ALPS Laser Research Institute/eli-alps.hu