18 Sep 2017

Talent Academy at ELI-Beamlines

On 8-10 September 2017, a group of 12 Czech high school students took part in the 1st “Talent Academy”, a research apprentice programme co-organised by ELI-Beamlines, HiLase and the scientific magazine Vesmir.

Selected based on their merit and motivation out of many applicants, the lucky participants got privileged access to the facilities of the ELI-Beamlines and HiLase research centres in Dolní Břežany (South of Prague) and took part in a programme designed to give them a first practical experience of the life of a laser scientist.

The task of the group was to develop a liquid filter. This work first involved the design of the filter box using the AutoCad software application and then the realisation of the filter in the chemistry lab. Students then designed lenses in the optics laboratory and printed them with a 3D printer. 

On the final day, they presented their work to a research committee and received their diplomas from Dr Antonín Fejfar, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics.

Excellent research needs excellent staff! ELI will continue to organise events promoting research careers to high school students.