17 Dec 2021

The ELI ERIC General Assembly Reviews Progress and Sets Ambitious Plans for 2022

The ELI ERIC General Assembly (GA) concluded 2021 with a review of the progress made and by setting goals for 2022. In the 3rd ELI ERIC GA Meeting held online in December, the committee adopted several key policies, in addition to the activity plan and budget for the coming year. The first year of ELI ERIC focused on the establishment of governance and management structures. The outlook for next year includes the publication of joint user calls, opening for user access and integrated operations of the facilities.

“The first year of ELI ERIC was a big success,” says Caterina Petrillo, Chair of the General Assembly.  “Together with the advisory committees – the ISTAC and the AFC – policies and procedures have been put in place, and critical questions about the future operations of the facilities decided. We have a full plate for 2022, but with the momentum of the first year we are confident that ELI ERIC will rise to the challenge!”

The policies endorsed by the ELI ERIC International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) and the Administration and Finance Committee (AFC) and approved by the GA include the User Access and Scientific Data Policies. These policies are fundamental for the sustainable operation of ELI ERIC by providing a framework for how access will be offered and scientific data handled. The User Access Policy defines the access modes to the ELI ERIC facilities, with the primary mode being on the basis of excellence through peer-reviewed selection of proposals. The Scientific Data Policy, specifies how data and metadata collected from the operation and scientific usage of the ELI facilities are managed. The policy is developed in collaboration with the scientific community and will set common standards for future operations.

The GA also adopted the ELI ERIC Financial Rules as the guiding document for all fiscal processes and procedures. The Procurement Policy itself was reviewed and discussed in a separate session with inputs from both ELI ALPS and ELI Beamlines facility teams.

Finally, the 2022 activity plan and budget laying out the core goals and overall strategy of ELI ERIC were approved. As ELI ERIC enters this next year further decisive milestones are on the horizon. Among them, the establishment of an ELI ERIC Ethical Advisory Committee.

“ELI’s main objective is the delivery of science and that’s what we will be focused on in 2022,” adds Allen Weeks, Director General of ELI ERIC. “Will work together and expand on further collaborations with the scientific community and our strategic partners. Together we can achieve a great many things!”