10 Sep 2018

The first Summer School at ELI-ALPS successfully ended

The ELI Summer School (ELISS) made its first visit to the new ELI-ALPS facility in Szeged.

​The school is designed to be an interactive space where leading academic lights in theoretical and experimental physics can teach, inspire and consult with the next generation of Laser-based scientific researchers. The School was attended by over 80 people from across the whole of Europe and overseas.

The planeary talk was given by Sándor Varró (ELI-ALPS) and was a recapitulation of the history of the discovery of Planck's' constant, one of the four fundamental universal constants. Sándor described how the discovery of the proportional constant which linked the energy and associated electromagnetic radiation was rooted in Maxwell's theory and inspired by Boltzman and statistical mechanics. The subsequent expansion of this theory to light quanta by Einstein led to the birth of quantum mechanics and subsequent major milestones were also reviewed.

Other highlights from the twenty-four sessions include Eric Cormier's (ELI-ALPS) two-part session looking at laser pulse characterisation and applications; Marcus Dahlström (University of Stockholm) described experimental and theoretical studies in the attosecond delay occurring from photoionisation from different electronic orbitals. The principles and applications of free electron lasers, which operate in the X-ray regime were presented by Kevin Price (Elettra). Plasma states physics was also studied in detail and subsequent laser-driven ion and electron acceleration methods were also discussed by Luca Volpe (CLPU), Christos Kamperidis (ELI-ALPS) and Jörg Schrieber (LMU Munich). A novel approach of using incoherent diffraction imaging which used coincidence measurements and originally originated in astrophysics was presented by Joachim von Zanthier (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg). The school ended with a detailed explanation and physical applications of plasmonics by Daniele Brida (University of Konstanz)

Two Poster sessions were held and the ELISS summer school poster prize was won by Jonathan Jarret with his poster "Diagnosing plasma temperature via the reflection of intense laser light from microstructured solids".

Participants spent a memorable, adventurous afternoon at the Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer and a networking social dinner highlighted the week. The next edition of ELISS is coming to ELI Beamlines in 2019.

Lóránt Lehrner Managing Director at ELI-ALPS
Managing Director of ELI-ALPS Lóránt Lehrner is giving a welcome speech 

Head of Attosecond Sources Division Katalin Varjú opens the Summer School

Participants in the conference hall

Discussion among participants during the Poster session

Excursion to Ópusztaszer Heritage Park