15 May 2018

Upcoming events in summer

Summer is the time to meet up with fellow researchers, learn from each other’s experiences and inspire each other’s research. The coming months, large conferences, workshops and meet-ups are organized by or with the aid of ELI. And we are happy to announce that registration for our yearly summer school is open!

EPS 45th Conference on Plasma Physics 2018

1-6 July 2018
Žofín Palace &  Mánes Gallery
Prague, Czech Republic

Are you working in or interested in Magnetic Confinement Fusion, Beam Plasmas & Inertial Fusion, Low Temperature and Dusty Plasmas or Basic Plasmas & Space & Astrophysical Plasmas?
Then register for the EPS 45th Conference on Plasma Physics 2018 from July 1st to July 6th in Czech Republic. Organised by the European Physical Society (EPS) Plasma Physics Division, this annual conference covers a broad range of plasma science spanning from nuclear fusion to low temperature plasmas, and astrophysical plasmas to laser plasma interactions. The EPS 2018 will be held under the auspices of the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Prof. Eva Zažímalová.

Read more about the program and registration on our comprehensive website: https://eps2018.eli-beams.eu/en/

ELI Summer School

27-31 August 2018
ELI-ALPS Research Institute
Szeged, Hungary

The third edition of our ever more popular Summer School will be held from August 27th to August 31th at our ELI-ALPS research site in Hungary. The ELISS 2018 provides young fellows with a comprehensive overview on the field of the generation and application of intense lasers pulses. The lectures will devote large emphasis to the generation of secondary radiation sources extending from the terahertz to the X-ray and Gamma-ray spectral, as well as to the generation and acceleration of particle beams. The wide range of applications, going from cultural heritage to the investigation of nuclear physics, will be also a central topic of the lectures.

Read more and register now at https://www.eli-alps.hu/indico/event/16/