25 Jul 2018

Visit of Prof. Gérard Mourou to ELI facilities

ELI was recently honoured to host the visit of Prof. Gerard Mourou, Dr. David Ros, Benoit Deveaud and Dr. Jonathan Wheeler to all three ELI pillars.

Prof. Mourou, a leading light and visionary in Laser Physics, was the guest of honour and was involved in a wide variety of scientific discussions at all three sites involving Pulse compression, High-power lasers, Laser Nuclear physics and potential collaborations opportunities. He also gave a lecture looking at the future of High-power, ultrashort pulses in TeV Intensity regime. He presented ideas regarding the generation of Atto-zepto pulses; the subsequent Laser wakefield acceleration in solids; high energy (GeV) Proton generation; the simulation of the event horizon of a black hole within a laboratory and laser induced vacuum breakdown.

The group of visiting dignitaries was given detailed tours of all sites and saw the current status and latest laser developments of each ELI pillar.

Visit at ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic

Scientific seminar held at ELI-ALPS in Szeged, Hungary

Site visit at ELI-ALPS

Reception by the management of ELI-NP at Magurele, Romania

Site visit at ELI-NP