02 Mar 2022

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and our Ukrainian colleagues

The Extreme Light Infrastructure is a European Research Consortium, located in Central Europe. Our Member and Observer countries are directly and strongly affected by the recent events in Ukraine. 

Through the lens of these events, Ukraine’s citizens have captured the attention and respect of the world. They insist that they too are a sovereign European nation, now on the front line defending the values we aim to live by. That struggle began years ago, not days, but the recent escalation reminds us why the European Union exists at all - to prevent war in Europe.

We are proud  of our Ukrainian staff and the deep resolve of their country. We hope for the safety of their families and our scientific colleagues in Ukraine and look forward to collaboration with them at the soonest opportunity. Until then, Europe must continue to open its borders and provide refuge.

Science transcends borders, but it does not transcend common values.  We also acknowledge the shared values of those Russian and Belorussian colleagues who clearly stand for democratic, sovereign values at professional and personal risk. The mirror of war causes us to reflect, but it also focuses our unity.

The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC