Procurement Rules and Open Procurements

According to Article 7(3) of Council Regulation (EC) No 723/2009 of 25 June 2009 on the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), an ERIC is an international organisation within the meaning of Article 9(1)b of Directive 2014/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on public procurement. As a result, ELI ERIC is entitled to adopt its own procurement policy respecting the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition.

Based on the European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/960 of 30 April 2021 establishing the Extreme Light Infrastructure as The Extreme Light Infrastructure European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ELI ERIC) and pursuant to Article 11 of the ELI ERIC Statutes, the ELI ERIC General Assembly adopted the following Procurement Rules on 17 March 2022. These Rules are the governing document for the contracting of goods, works or services by ELI ERIC.

The ELI ERIC Procurement Rules can be downloaded by clicking on the preview below.

For any questions on procurement at ELI ERIC, email procurement [@]

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The Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC
Za Radnicí 835                                                         
Dolní Břežany, 252 41                                            
Czech Republic
Company ID number: 10974938                                                        
Tel.: +420 266 051 263  

Open procurements

ELI Beamlines

Tender name: X-Ray server PC pro řízení a sběr dat v experimentální hale E1 TP23_015
Tender documents:
Priloha c. 1 - Krycí list nabídky
Priloha c. 2 - Technická specifikace_TP23_015
Priloha c. 3 - Kupni smlouva
Výzva k podání nabídky_podepsaná

Tender name: Delivery of a cogeneration unit for the ELI Beamlines center
Tender documents:

Tender name: Components for the Ellipsometer Upgrade TP23_011
Tender documents:

Tender name: Equipment for Radiolab TP22_062_REISSUE
Tender documents:

Tender name: Equipment for Radiolab TP22_062
Tender documents:

Tender name: Autodesk licences TP23-007
Tender documents:

Tender name: Positioning System for EUV-Optics TP22_063
Tender documents:

Tender name: PVPP for ELI Beamlines TP22_022
Tender documents:

Tender name: In-vacuum X-ray CCD camera for EUVXUV Diagnostics and Applications TP23-003 

Tender documents:

Tender name: Mode locked, Yb:YAG femtosecond fiber osciallator TP23_001
Tender documents:

Tender name: Service contract - MIS maintenance TP22-057 
Tender documents:

Tender name: Vacuum chamber vessel of ELIAS coating system TP22_021
Tender documents:

Tender name: Pulse picker TP22-047
Tender documents:

Tender name: Compact vacuum chamber for laser-plasma diagnostics TP22_050
Tender documents: