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Enabling scientific excellence

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) is the world's most advanced laser-based research infrastructure. The ELI Facilities provide access to a broad range of world-class high-power, high repetition-rate laser systems and secondary sources. This enables cutting-edge research and new regimes of high intensity physics in physical, chemical, medical, and materials sciences.

ELI ERIC's mission is to provide effective access to the ELI Facilities, enabling scientific excellence and innovation and maximising ELI's impact on science and society. Access to the ELI Facilities is free, competitive, international, and open to users from within and outside the ELI ERIC Member countries, based on principles established in the European Union Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures.

ELI ERIC provides Users with a single point of access to all capabilities available at the ELI Facilities. Access to ELI is provided through the following modes:

ELI ERIC has officially launched the first Call for Proposal under the Excellence-Based Access mode.

3rd Joint ELI Call For Users

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